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Berlin Feminist Film Week 2020

We are back! The new decade brings us to the seventh annual Berlin Feminist Film Week. From 5th-9th of March our carefully curated program will offer a myriad of feminist films, panels and workshops. (...)

Since its inception in 2014, Berlin Feminist Film Week has been committed to creating a platform that credits the diversity in the film industry, a diversity, which is so often neglected. The Berlin Feminist Film Week give filmmakers a platform to tell stories, which challenge the repetitive heteronormative, white, cis-male narrative that dominates our screens. As the battle against patriarchal cinema develops and feminism makes further moves into the mainstream, so do the stories of People of Colour, trans, non-binary, queer and other marginalized characters. It remains however, that these stories are often poorly told, tokenistic or used as a tool to support the relentless patriarchal narrative. Berlin Feminist Film Week gives way to movies where these silenced perspectives and their intersections, are at the forefront. (...)

Wann & Wo: Donnerstag, den 05. März bis Montag, den 09. März im Berliner Union Film | Berlin - Neukölln

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